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domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

PETER GREEN - The Anthology (2008)

PETER GREEN - The Anthology (2008)

Peter Green is a British blues-rock guitarist and founder of the band Fleetwood Mac. A figurehead in the British blues movement, Green inspired B. B. King to say, "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats." Apart from his solo work in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he contributed to "Rattlesnake Shake" and "Super Brains" on Mick Fleetwood's solo album, The Visitor, and recorded various sessions with a number of other musicians. Despite some attempts by Gibson at a German trade show to start talks about producing a Peter Green signature Les Paul, Peter's instrument of choice at this time was in fact a Gibson 'Howard Roberts' Fusion, very often seen accompanying him on stage in recent years. A 1990s comeback saw Green form the Peter Green Splinter Group, with the assistance of fellow musicians including Nigel Watson and Cozy Powell. The Splinter Group released nine albums between 1997 and 2004. It was in the latter part of this period that he picked up a black Gibson Les Paul again. Green signed and sold this Les Paul, which had been tweaked for Peter to sound like the famous 'green burst' and is now owned by a UK enthusiast. A tour was cancelled and recording of a new studio album stopped in early 2004, when Green left the band and moved to Sweden. Shortly thereafter he joined The British Blues All Stars, but their tour in 2005 was also cancelled. Green has said that the medication he takes to treat his psychological problems makes it hard for him to concentrate and saps his desire to pick up a guitar; whether there will be any more public ventures remains to be seen.

Peter Green - The Anthology is an exciting 4CD retrospective - set for UK release 27 October, 2008 - telling the story of a British guitar legend and blues institution. The set contains essential Peter Green music drawn from all stages of his career.


01. Evil Woman Blues With John Mayall
02. The Stumble With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
03. Sitting In The Rain With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
04. The World Keep On Turning With Fleetwood Mac
05. The Supernatural With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
06. Looking For Somebody With Fleetwood Mac
07. Long Grey Mare (feat. Bob Brunning) With Fleetwood Mac
08. Stop Messin' Around With Fleetwood Mac
09. Train Is Coming With Eddie Boyd & His Blues Band
10. Greeny With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
11. Soul Dressing With Peter B's Looners
12. I Loved Another Woman With Fleetwood Mac
13. No Place To Go With Fleetwood Mac
14. You Don't Love Me With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
15. Lazy Poker Blues With Fleetwood Mac
16. Merry Go Round With Fleetwood Mac
17. Trying So Hard To Forget With Duster Bennett
18. Ramblin' Pony With Fleetwood Mac
19. Drifting With Fleetwood Mac

01. Black Magic Woman With Fleetwood Mac
02. Albatross With Fleetwood Mac
03. Ain't Nobody's Business With Otis Spann
04. Someday Baby With Otis Spann
05. Watch Out With Fleetwood Mac (Blues Jam At Chess)
06. Ooh Baby With Fleetwood Mac (Blues Jam At Chess)
07. Horton's Boogie Woogie - Take One With Walter Horton, Otis Spann & S.P. Leary (Blues Jam At Chess)
08. Love That Burns With Fleetwood Mac
09. First Train Home With Fleetwood Mac
10. Need Your Love So Bad With Fleetwood Mac
11. Don't Goof With The Spook With Peter Bardens
12. The Answer With Peter Bardens
13. Homage To The God Of Light With Peter Bardens
14. Oh Well Part 1 and Part 2 With Fleetwood Mac

01. Man Of The World With Fleetwood Mac
02. Before The Beginning With Fleetwood Mac
03. Momma Don'tcha Cry Peter Green, solo
04. Underway With Fleetwood Mac
05. Rattlesnake Shake With Fleetwood Mac
06. It's Gonna Be Me Peter Green, solo
07. White Sky (love that evil woman) With Fleetwood Mac
08. The Green Manalishi (with The Two Prong Crown) With Fleetwood Mac
09. Show-biz Blues With Fleetwood Mac
10. In The Skies Peter Green, solo
11. Like A Hot Tomato Peter Green, solo
12. Whatcha Gonna Do? Peter Green, solo
13. Carry My Love Peter Green, solo
14. Corners Of My Mind Peter Green, solo
15. Hidden Depth (feat. Zoot Money) Peter Green, solo

01. Big Change Is Gonna Come With Splinter Group
02. I'm A Steady Rollin' Man (feat. Otis Rush) With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
03. It Takes Time With Splinter Group
04. Don't Walk Away With Splinter Group
05. Heart Of Stone With Splinter Group
06. Love In Vain Blues With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
07. From Four Until Late (feat. Dr John) With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
08. I'm Ready For You With Splinter Group
09. Cruel Contradictions With Dick Heckstall-Smith
10. Me And The Devil Blues With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
11. Cross Road Blues (feat. Buddy Guy) With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
12. Dead Shrimp Blues (feat. Hubert Sumlin) With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
13. Travelling Riverside Blues (feat. Joe Louis Walker & Honey Boy Edwards) With Nigel Watson & Splinter Group
14. Time Keeps Slipping Away With Splinter Group
15. Look Out For Yourself With Splinter Group
16. Albatross With Chris Coco

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3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

puedes volver a colgarlo, muero por bajar peter green! albatross y i need your love so bad fue suficiente para darme cuenta que estaba escuchando a uno de los guitarristas mas dulces que puede existir, te lo agradeceria bastante

Napi dijo...

Pues la cosa es que no lo tengo completo. Y me explico.
He tenido un desastre en el disco duro y se me ha jodido gran parte del material, entre lo que estaba este disco. Lo que he bajado de mi cuenta en mediafire tiene error de crc y en rapid me los han borrado.
De modo que tengo los cd's 1, 2 y cuatro completos en 320 kbps mientras que del 3º solo tengo las cinco primeras canciones y faltan las otras diez.
Buscando por ahí, sólo lo he conseguido a 128.
Si te interesa, visita esto:

Y si, pesar de todo, te interesa el mío, dímelo y te lo resubo a falta de esos diez temas.

Un saludo y gracias por comentar.
Esperamos verte por aquí y por El Cielo Y El Dedo